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We offer Deep Tissue massage, Medical Rx massage, Pregnancy massage, Hot Stone massage, Craniosacral therapy, Foot Reflexology, Aqua Detox Foot Bath, & Colon Hydrotherapy.

Each body is as unique as a fingerprint, and so, each massage that Penny Arblaster gives is different. She remains ‘present’ during the massage so she can feel what your body is telling her. Lumps and knots indicate that certain areas are working harder than others.  She follows where this information takes her and seeks to find out why.

Then Penny looks to see if she can come up with solutions to keep your body working like the amazing machine God gave you!

Most massages focus on your back, legs, arms and head but neglect your abdomen, sternum and chest, which makes up about one quarter of the body!  Penny massages and stretches the whole body, this includes the glutes, abdomen and pecs.

She listens to your body and to what you are saying to customize each massage. Because of this, don’t always expect to feel better the day after, like working out at the gym, it can sometimes take two days to feel the benefits!

We believe in whole body and mind health and in helping you help yourself. If Penny feels other support or associate resources could also benefit you, she will gladly offer a referral.  Helping you to help yourself to live better in your own body is her major goal.

Feel free to brouse our site and learn about the healing benefits of our various services and how we can help you.  And please, contact us anytime.

Thank you for your interest.